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Act Fifteen:

Igor: [slobbering]

Starscream: Ah... My master! Such a brilliant scheme! So when Sentinel left Cybertron, it was to defect?

Megatron: He was meant to rendezvous with me here on Earth before fate waylaid us both. The only way to revive him... we needed Prime and his Matrix.

Starscream: Excellent strategy.

Megatron: [growl]

Igor: Mine, mine! [chuckling]

Starscream: So he is now your partner, master?

Megatron: He is my greatest triumph.

Starscream: So impressive.

Sentinel Prime: Commencing transport.

Optimus Prime: Stop! No, no Sentinel!

Sentinel Prime: Forgive me.

Megatron: Here we are. Fight us now.

Decepticon Troops: [lots of growling]

NEST Soldier: Contact! Watch out! Move it! Move it!

Optimus Prime: Autobots, retreat!

Humans: [screaming]

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Optimus Prime: Nggah! Why, Sentinel? Why?

Sentinel Prime: For Cybertron! For our home! What war destroyed, we can rebuild! But only if we join with the Decepticons.

Optimus Prime: No, it's not the only way! This is our home! We must defend the humans!

Sentinel Prime: So lost you are, Optimus. On Cybertron, we were gods. And here... they call us machines. Let the humans serve us, or perish! You're lucky I didn't kill you. In time, you'll see.

Optimus Prime: It's not over.

Act Sixteen:

Dylan: Now, if I were him, I wouldn't let you out of my sight for one second.

Carly: [chuckling]

Sam: It's funny. I was just thinking on the way over here, I could really use some advice from Dylan, and there he is. Can I speak to you, Carly?

Dylan: Welcome, please, sit down. Have a drink.

Sam: You know what, I don't need a drink. Or a car, or a job. I just need to speak to my girlfriend alone. Is that okay with you, Mr. Inappropriate?

Carly: Excuse me.

Carly: What's going on?

Sam: I'll tell you outside.

Dylan: I really think I can help you, Sam. I remember a talk I had with my dad once about tough choices.

Sam: Yeah, now's not the time. We'll set something up, though.

Dylan: Of course, it was way back, when my dad's firm was in charge of budget review and accounting for NASA. You see, the thing that he taught me was, when it's not your war, you join the side that's going to win.

Sam: Move.

Dylan: Too direct? Or is it just me?

Woman: Certainly not you, sir.

Sam and Carly: [screaming]

Soundwave: [growling]

Carly: [screaming]

Soundwave: You're mine!

Sam: Nooo!

Soundwave: [growling]

Sam: Get help.

Carly: Sam, I can't get out!

Sam: Someone get help!

Dylan: Good night.

Woman: Good night, Mr Dylan.

Carly: Get me out of here!

Laserbeak: [screeching]

Sam: Help! Get help!

Man: He is young. He will learn. Good night.

Carly: Get me out!

Dylan: It was a fun night.

Dylan: You really think you're the first man ever asked to join the noble alien cause?

Sam: Who are you?

Dylan: Do you know why we've not been back to the moon since 1972? Because these two-

Laserbeak: [screeching]

Dylan: -They came to my dad and they told him to do some creative accounting. Make it way too expensive to ever go back. So he and the others shut down the American and Russian space programs. And they've been our clients ever since.

Sam: You helped them kill people?

Dylan: You think they'd give you a choice? Besides, it's not like I personally participated. I am a liaison. I liaise.

Sam: [grunting]

Dylan: It's hostile takeover time, Sam.

Carly: [whimpering] Sam- Sam! Sam!

Sam: Let her go!

Carly: Sam!

Dylan: I've had my eye on you for years, Sam. You're the one spy I've never been able to provide as someone close to the Autobots.

Sam: [spits]

Carly: Sam! Don't do what he wants!

Dylan: Yes, he will. They all do.

Sam: [grunting]

Dylan: They will slaughter her, you understand me? In the time it takes you to blink, they'll do it to her and they'll do it to me. So you show a little respect! When someone offers you! A job! Wrist.

Sam: [grunt]

Dylan: You are to track down Optimus Prime, because you're the one human he trusts, and you will ask one question. How does he intend to fight back? Strategies, tactics, everything!

Watch Decepticon: [screeching]

Sam: Unnngggh!

Dylan: Has a nasty little bite, doesn't it? It's very high-tech. It lets us see what you see, hear what you hear and it taps your nervous system. So, if you so much as try and signal-

Sam: [grunting]

Dylan: Mm. I don't know what to tell you, Sam. Relationships have consequences. I am here because of my father. She is here because of you.

Carly: Hh. Hh-

Sam: Stop, stop! Stop! Stop!

Dylan: Soundwave, would you please? Sam, do your job. She'll be safe. I give you my word.

Sam: [panting] I'll kill you. You have my word.

Act Seventeen:

Morshower: Combatant Commands are now at DEFCON 1.

General: Approximately 200 Decepticons are now in hiding. Energon detectors have been triggered as far away as South America and China.

Morshower's Aide: The U. N. Just received an encrypted audio file. They say it's from the leader of the Autobots.

Sentinel Prime: Defenders of Earth. We have come for your natural resources to rebuild our damaged planet. When we have transported all we need, we will leave your world in peace. For such peace to exist, you must immediately exile the Autobot rebels you have harboured. Nonnegotiable. Renounce the rebels. We await your reply.

Mearing: We'll debrief you in transit.

Sam: Yeah, I really don't see how I can be of any help. I mean, you guys seem pretty busy. We could just do this another time, I think. Ow!

Mearing: I have underestimated you at every turn.

Sam: What- what?

Mearing: You warned us that they were using humans. And you knew that Sentinel was the key.

Analyst: Director!

Sam: Who am I? Hey, you're the expert. I'm just a walking security risk- ah- ah!

Mearing: Are you all right?

Sam: [grunting] Yes.

Mearing: No, you're not. You're sweating.

Sam: I'm, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm sweating because I'm nervous. I'm nervous because you got me in here with this information. Okay, I'm a Twitter junkie. I blog everything. I can't keep a secret to save my life.

Mearing: Oh, you wouldn't dare.

Sam: That's the truth. I'm telling you.

Mearing's Aide: Director, the Pentagon's calling in fifteen.

Analyst: What are you doing?

Sam: Nothing. What are you doing?

Analyst: Get away from me.

Female Newscaster: It's been a remarkable series of events today at the Capitol. Just moments ago, legislation was passed to exile the Autobots from American shores. The U. S. Military alliance with them is officially over. In the words of the House Majority Leader-

Mearing: Yeah.

Female Newscaster: the sponsor of today's resolution, we cannot in good conscience invite-

Mearing: Okay.

Sam: What? They can't do this. You gotta tell them. They can't do that.

Mearing: Okay. It's official. It's a go, people.

Sam: These are our allies. The Autobots fought for us. They fought with us.

Mearing: And where are we now? Facing an enemy invasion with an enemy that has the means to deploy countless more.

Mearing: If there is any more you know, anything at all about the enemy's intentions, now is the time to tell.

Sam: Autobots have no way of leaving this planet.

Mearing: And that is where you're wrong.

Mearing: Its name is the Xantium. It brought the second wave of Autobots, and it's been under NASA 's care and study ever since. We linked it with a decommissioned shuttle to maintain military control until they're gone.

Leadfoot: Gonna be ten thousand pounds of torque on that itsy-bitsy bolt, not nineteen!

Roadbuster: You're gonna risk the lives of all me mates! I'll ball ya! You, there- [speech obscured by Mearing]

Mearing: These guys are the Wreckers. They take care of the Xantium. We don't let them off the base much, 'cause they're assholes.

Roadbuster: You gotta pull that, ya nancy wanker!

Leadfoot: It's time to kill him!

Technician: I'm just trying to help, you know. Just doing my job.

Leadfoot: Ah, no.

Epps: Just calm down. Leave him alone. This is a human being.

Sam: Epps!

Roadbuster: You are ridiculous!

Sam: Is that you?

Epps: What up, man?

Sam: What are you doing here?

Epps: I retired from the Air Force. Can you let my hand go? What the hell was that? Now I just consult to run interference for them.

Leadfoot: Well, you're not helping!

Epps: No more combat and aliens shooting at my ass. I got a dream job.

Roadbuster: Time to get off this planet.

Leadfoot: Preflight checks are go.

Epps: Kicking the Autobots out. Can you believe this is happening?

Sam: Where do you think it's taking them?

Epps: Any planet but here.

Simmons: I wanna talk to whoever's in charge here! Well, well, well. Charlotte Mearing.

Mearing: Agent Simmons. Former Agent Simmons. So. I see you survived Washington.

Simmons: Washington, Egypt, heartbreak. I survive. I will survive. They're bringing everybody in, kid. Putting all the intel on the table. And if you think deporting nine Autobots is gonna solve a damn thing-

Mearing: It's out of my hands.

Simmons: Moving up in the world, huh? Your booty looks excellent.

Mearing: You ever say a word to anyone about what happened that night in Quantico, I'll cut your heart out.

Simmons: You already did.

Wheelie: Sammy, listen to me. Don't let them exile us.

Brains: Don't let them take us, Sam.

Wheelie: It's a Decepticon trap.

Leadfoot: Check the nitrogen levels. We're booking out of here.

Sam: Optimus?

Optimus Prime: What your leaders say is true.

Que: Aye.

Optimus Prime: This was all my fault. I told them whom to trust. I... was so wrong.

Sam: That doesn't make it your fault. It just makes you human for a change.

Optimus Prime: Remember this. You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves.

Sam: [soft grunting] I need to know how you're gonna fight back. I know this is strategy, I know you're... you're coming back with reinforcements, something, I know there's a plan. You can tell me. No other human will ever know.

Optimus Prime: There is no plan.

Sam: If we just do what they want, how are we gonna live with ourselves?

Optimus Prime: You are my friend, Sam. You always will be. But your leaders have spoken. From here, the fight will be your own.

Optimus Prime: Make it short. We're loading up.

Leadfoot: All right, hustle up! We launchin' at dawn.

Bumblebee: {We're gonna do whatever we can. Make it like it was. You will always be my friend, Sam. I gotta be going on.}

Sam: [sobbing]

Simmons: Years from now, they're gonna ask us. Where were you when they took over the planet? We're gonna say, we just stood by and watched.

6:30 AM

Dylan: You should really look at this as a partnership. You have to stand on the side of progress if you wanna be a part of history.

Launch Announcer: [indistinct words] Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero.

Launch Announcer: Go ahead and throttle up. First flight [indistinct words] status-

Sam: You wanted an answer. You got one.

Dylan: I always get what I want, Sam. We just needed to be sure.

Sam: Sure of what?

Dylan: That they would go without a fight.

Starscream: [speaks in Cybertronian] It's begun.

Launch Announcer: Say again.

Analyst: We're tracking an incoming object.

Sam: [grunting] Ah!

Dylan: We all work for the Decepticons now.

Chicago, Illinois

Sam: I need your help to track a phone call. There's a man on this phone. He's the head of their human operations and he has Carly hostage.

Dylan: I want you to sit down. Don't move.

Dylan: Follow me. I'm watching him drive up right now.

Dutch: The call was placed en route. I'm hacking into the phone's camera now. There, that's it. That's a live stream from the camera. Someplace, right, hold on, I can triangulate this. Okay, it's Chicago cell sites. There, I've got it. Trump Tower, Chicago. Lower penthouse.

Dylan: We're on.

Sam: I'm going.

Simmons: You sure?

Sam: She's done nothing but try to help me, and I can be there in fifteen hours.

Epps: You're not going alone.

Epps: I still got my NEST friends out there. I'll round them up, we'll find your girlfriend, we're gonna bring this guy in.

Sam: Why are you helping me?

Epps: 'Cause that asshole killed my friends, too.

Carly: They said they were here for our resources, to rebuild their planet.

Dylan: Yes, but really one resource in particular. One unique to our planet.

Carly: Us?

Dylan: You're very smart. You see, they can't rebuild without a slave labor force. How many rocks up there in the universe offer six billion workers?

Carly: What are you talking about? We can't transport people.

Dylan: They're not shipping people. They're shipping their planet here.

Carly: Oh. Oh my God... what's Sentinel doing here?

Dylan: Watch. They're spreading hundreds of pillars around the globe right now. In just a few hours, they're gonna launch them into orbit and bring Cybertron into our atmosphere. The red one there controls the rest. He triggers that, it starts the whole thing.

Megatron: Begone, insect operatives. Your work is done.

Dylan: Your Excellency... He's such a dick.

Policemen: [shouting]

Carly: You want this to happen?

Dylan: I want to survive. I want forty more years. You think I asked for this? I inherited a client.

Carly: Yeah, and when Cybertron's here and we're all their slaves, I guess they'll still need a human leader.

Dylan: Don't jinx me. You want to survive, you listen to me.

Policemen: [shouting]

Civilians: [screaming]

Sentinel Prime: It is time for the slaves of Earth to recognize their masters. Seal off the city.

Humans: [screaming]

Dylan: Get the dogs outta here now! Get them in the back!

Carly: I guess they didn't tell you about this part, did they?

Dylan: You think I'm at every meeting? Look, I'm safe. They said I was safe.

Act Nineteen:

Soldier: Let's roll!

Epps: We had a signal earlier. It's not working.

Radio: This is a national emergency broadcast.

Radio: Chicago has suffered a massive attack.

Man: Wrong way! Get out of here! Go back!

General: There is a ring of alien ships around Chicago.

Morshower: Our high-range bombers were just knocked out of the sky. They can't get through enemy air defenses over the city. Our satellites have been jammed. We have no way to monitor the enemy's movement.

Lennox: Our old NEST teams are on stand-down holding at Grissom Air Force Base. We're about ten minutes from the battle zone. We have Special Forces trying to gain access to the city, and infantry is staging at the perimeter.

Simmons: Excuse me, excuse me, it just doesn't make sense! Can't we get any eyes in there at all?

Mearing: They keep shooting down our drones.

Morshower: They want us blind. But we do have a couple of mini-drones we're gonna try.

Simmons: Well, whoever's manning these UAV drones, can we try to redirect them toward Trump Tower? The kid Witwickety, was on his way to Chicago. Said some point-man human op is there, for the Decepticons! Listen, if I know anything, I know this, that kid is an alien bad news magnet.

Children: [shouting]

Sam: [panting]

Epps: My God. We came here to find her in the middle of all that?

Stone: Are we really going out there, Epps?

Eddie: I'm not going in there.

Epps: No one's going in.

Sam: I am. With or without you, I'll find her.

Epps: You're gonna get yourself killed, Sam. Is that what you want? Is that what you want? You came all the way out here to get yourself killed? Huh? Listen to what I'm saying.

Sam: She's here because of me. Do you understand?

Epps: Listen, if you go in this building, that's if she's even still alive, there's no way you're gonna be able to reach her!

Sam: What do you suggest I do?

Epps: It's over. I'm sorry, but it's over.

Sam: No.

Eddie: Whoa whoa whoa! Incoming!

Humans: [indistinct shouting]

Epps and Sam: [grunting]

Decepticon Pilot: [growling]

Optimus Prime: We will kill them all.

Leadfoot: Wreckers, kill it.

Roadbuster: This is going to hurt! A lot!

Decepticon Pilot: [growling]

Roadbuster: Ah ha ha!

Optimus Prime: Your leaders will now understand. Decepticons will never leave your planet alone. And we needed them to believe we had gone. For today, in the name of freedom, we take the battle to them!

Sam: I saw your ship blow up!

Roadbuster: The ship. We were never in the ship! We designed the damn thing, didn't we?

Leadfoot: We were hidden in the first booster rocket to separate. Splashed down back in the Atlantic, just as planned. We ain't going nowhere.

Brains: Yeah, no one's exiling us.

Wheelie: The Autobots are staying right here. We're gonna help you win this war.

Optimus Prime: They're surrounding the city to make a fortress, so that no one can see what they're up to inside. Our only chance is the element of surprise.

Sam: I think I know where to look!

Drone controller: Mini-drone is on approach to Trump Tower.

Mearing: You're telling me Sam's headed into that?

Simmons: Poor kid. Probably never got close.

Sam: So, you can fly this thing, right?

Bumblebee: [whistling radio noise]

Sam: What is that? What is that, what is that? So-so? So you so-so can fly this. That feels terrible.

Epps: We're right behind you.

Epps: All right, we're going in!

Megatron: The city is secure. The humans cannot stop us.

Sentinel Prime: As the afternoon falls, the rest of the pillars will reach their launch position.

Megatron: This is the victory I promised you so many years ago, where we rebuild Cybertron... together!

Sentinel Prime: I have deigned to work with you-

Megatron: [grunting]

Sentinel Prime: -That our planet may survive! I will never work FOR you!

Megatron: Ah!

Sentinel Prime: And you would be wise to remember the difference.

Dylan: Hah! I'm just so sick of this. I'm just sick of waiting.

Sam: Where is she? Where is she?!

Dylan: You've got some balls.

Laserbeak: [screeching]

Sam: [screaming]

Carly: No, Sam! No! No- no-

Sam: Carly! Carly!

Carly: [grunting]

Sam: Jump!

Laserbeak: [screeching]

Sam: [grunting]

Sam: Bee, fire!

Laserbeak: [screaming]

Carly: Uh- Bee!

Sam: [screaming]

Civilians: [screaming]

Sam & Carly: [screaming]

Dylan: [grunting] Autobots! They're alive! They're here! They're alive!

Megatron: Decepticons, defend the pillar! Raise the bridges! Find them!

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