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While I like the art I just find the big panels mean that what could take 3 pages takes 5-6. And IDW have abused Splash Pages far, far too much. Also found that bringing up the battle between Megs and Prime in escalation as a big point a little moot as Megs and prime describe far worse in chaos theory? Heck, I'd even rate the battle between them in AHM as being more of a dark moment.

If this is the starting point for the new books though it's a much bigger restart than I expected. Seems like a lot of time has passed. Seems like Cybertron is in a real golden age so maybe this issue is set some time after the new books as well.

PS - is it me or are the splash pages being drawn by the original artists - The one from Origin really looks like Milne and the action in the Prime/megs one is really like Su. Either that or Casey is doing a great job of making each splash represent the original books really well.
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