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PS - is it me or are the splash pages being drawn by the original artists - The one from Origin really looks like Milne and the action in the Prime/megs one is really like Su. Either that or Casey is doing a great job of making each splash represent the original books really well.
I think that's all Casey. He is good at this.

While I like the art I just find the big panels mean that what could take 3 pages takes 5-6. And IDW have abused Splash Pages far, far too much.
While I reckon that Costa in particular is a ridiculous hog when it comes to space, it serves this story quite well. It's set up to be a story for children so the storybook style is appropriate.

If this is the starting point for the new books though it's a much bigger restart than I expected. Seems like a lot of time has passed. Seems like Cybertron is in a real golden age so maybe this issue is set some time after the new books as well.
It seems that the new books will be set well before the framing sequence for #31.
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