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Sam: [grunting]

Carly: Oh, Sam. Oh. You found me.

Sam: I'd follow you anywhere.

Soldier: Form a perimeter! Let's go, let's go!

Epps: Well, you're crazy.

Sam: What is that? Is that us?

Epps: This thing's a military UAV. Stone, check and see if it's still working.

Stone: Yeah, it's still got power.

Epps: Flight Control, do you copy? Can, can you rotate? Can you do something?

Controller: I think we got something.

Lennox: Epps! We got Epps!

Epps: Can you rotate? Can you do something?

Epps: Come on, man! Work! Work!

Lennox: All right, turn the volume up on that!

Simmons: The kid!

Epps: Can you rotate or something?

Epps: Yes, yes! Okay, okay, okay! They can see us.

Sam: Chicago is ground zero, do you understand? Can you hear us? You understand?

Mearing: Witwicky.

Carly: Please listen. Sentinel Prime is here and he has the pillars to his Space Bridge. They're on top of a building on Chicago River. It's owned by Hotchkiss-Gould Investments. Now, the pillar that controls everything is in the southeast cupola.

Sam: You've got to destroy the pillar. You have to shoot down the pillar or they're going to transport Cybertron here, do you understand? Do you understand?

Mearing: Cy- What?

Lennox: Give me a GPS on the building and on that drone! Let's go!

Analyst: Mensurate those coordinates. Shorten the kill chain.

Lennox: Guys on the tarmac, five minutes.

Carly: -The southeast cupola.

Lennox: All right!

Optimus Prime: We need to move before the fighters spot us. Wait here until we scout a route ahead. Let's roll.

Sideswipe: Ratchet, cover high.

Sam: Hey, think we could use that rocket to shoot down the pillar?

Epps: We're eight blocks away. We got to get closer to take a shot.

Hooch: Not closer. Higher. We need a clear line of sight.

Epps: And it's across the river. Gonna have a hell of a time trying to sneak up.

Mongo: We only got one shot.

Sam: One shot's all we need.

Simmons: We got to be able to see around that building from the ground. Get NSA to send service specs for any cameras in that area. Maybe some are working. Traffic lights. ATMs. Anything.

Lennox: Listen up. You want to hit back? We're gonna have to wingsuit in. It's the only way to get close. I can't promise anyone a ride home, but if you're with me, the world needs you now.

Babyface: I'll find my own ride home, sir.

Lennox: Who else?

NEST Soldiers: [acknowledgement noises]

Lennox: General Morshower, requesting diversionary action to the south of the city. We're coming north and low, you guys drive them to the east.

Brains: Autobot victory! Autobot victory!

Driller: [roaring]

Shockwave: [speaks in Cybertronian]

Epps: That is one scary-ass Decepticon!

Optimus Prime: They got my trailer. I need that flight tech. Shockwave can't hunt all of us at once. Wreckers, we need a diversion.

Roadbuster: Let's get some!

Leadfoot: You got that right.

Epps: Listen, we're gonna circle around to that glass building. And we'll get high enough to make the rocket shot while you guys draw his fire. Let's move!

Que: Wait a minute! I'm not letting you go out there without my urban combat prototypes.

Sideswipe: We got to go, Que! Come on.

Que: Wait, wait. They're great inventions for kicking ass!

Sam: What are these?

Que: Those are boom sticks. Armed in thirty seconds. Grapple gloves, for climbing.

Soldier: Go, go! Move your ass!

Sideswipe: Move, move! Move, move! Go, go, go!

Soldier: Move, move!

Stone: Let's go!

Shockwave: [roaring]

Wheelie: Ah!

Brains: Ow ow ow!

Soldier: Let's go! Run!

Shockwave: [growling]

Brains: Ey, ey, ey. Where you going?

Wheelie: No, no, no!

Brains: Where you going?

Wheelie: Stop, stop, stop! Don't leave!

Brains: You never leave a 'bot behind! Ahh, Shockwave's coming!

Epps: Go for the stairs!

Sam: Epps, this way!

Eddie: Let's go, let's go.

Osprey Pilot: Breaking right.

Osprey Pilot: Bead. Rolling in.

Osprey Pilot: We got another one coming around. Coming around on the left side, coming around on the right side.

Lennox: We're going to use Willis Tower for cover! Once we make altitude, we jump!

Osprey Pilot: A lot of airplanes out here!

Osprey Pilot: Contact off the nose.

Osprey Pilot: Mayday Mayday! I don't think he's gonna make it.

Osprey Pilot: Mayday, mayday! Six-one going down.

Lennox: Heads up! Heads up!

Babyface: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Osprey Pilot: Tally on the left.

Osprey Pilot: Got him. Eagle. Time on target, twenty seconds.

Lennox: Here we go! Here we go! Keep it tight!

Osprey Pilot: Coming around.

Babyface: All right, focus focus focus.

Osprey Pilot: Threat above tower, six o'clock!

Starscream: Locusts!

Osprey Pilot: Look out! Breaking right! Breaking right!

Osprey Pilot: Watch out, watch out, watch out!

Osprey Pilot: Holy shit!

Osprey Pilot: Look out, look out, look out! Get them out, get them out, get them out!

Lennox: Everybody out! Out! Out!

NEST Soldier: Jump, jump, jump!

Osprey Pilot: Get out, get out!

NEST Soldier: I'm stuck!

Osprey Pilot: Now. Get them out now! Get them out now!

NEST Soldier: Help!

NEST Soldier: Get separation. Track away, track away!

Lennox: Hard left! Hard left! Six hundred feet.

NEST Soldier: Check your six! Check your six!

Lennox: He's on our ass!

NEST Soldier: Watch out, watch out!

Lennox: Sharp right!

NEST Soldier: Building dead ahead!

Lennox: Thread the needle!

NEST Soldier: Whoaa! Whoa!

NEST Soldier: Pull, pull!

Sam: Come on, we're high enough!

Eddie: This is a mother getting up here!

Epps: Get your fat ass over here!

Eddie: I'm coming.

Epps: Set up the rocket! They're coming.

Lennox: Weapon status?

NEST Soldier: Twenty-nine Bot-busters, twenty piercing D-Bot.

Carly: There, the building with the dome.

Lennox: For our brothers, let's make this trip worth it.

Eddie: Oh, God.

Soldiers: Oh. Whoa. Whoa!

Hooch: The building! They're shooting at the building!

Eddie: Whoa whoa-

Eddie: This is not a good idea.

Sam: What?

Eddie: This is not a good idea. This building is unstable.

Sam: Listen, stop for a second. If we don't do what we came to do, it doesn't matter, we all die, right? That's your target. Come on, man!

Eddie: I don't even care if the building collapses. I'm having a heart attack anyway.

Epps: The building is going over! Hang on!

Soldier: Take cover!

Eddie: Whoaaa!

Soldiers: Whoa!

Epps: Keep your hands up!

Soldiers: Whoaa!

Sam: [grunting]

Epps: It's okay! It stopped!

Carly: Guys, look!

Soldier: Incoming, incoming!

Epps: Everybody hide!

Decepticon Protoform: [growling]

Sam: [panting] Don't. Move.

Epps: Go, go.

Decepticon Protoform: [growling and shouting]

Epps: Run! Cover fire!

Carly: [screaming]

Epps: Shoot the glass! Jump out the window!

Soldiers: [shouting]

Stone: Jump!

Carly: [shouting]

Sam: [shouting]

Soldier: We're gonna die!

Carly: Sam, I can't stop!

Epps: Shoot the glass!

Carly: Sam!

Sam, Carly & the Soldiers: [assorted grunting]

Carly: Sam!

Stone: Oh no no! Eyaaah!

Shockwave: [growling]

Epps: Is everybody okay?

Sam: You okay?

Eddie: The hell was that?

Shockwave: [growling]

Epps: This evil thing's looking at me!

Sam: What?

Driller: [roaring]

Epps: It's even got an uglier Decepticon with it! We have to evac!

Shockwave: [speaks in Cybertronian] Commence.

Driller: [roaring]

People: [screaming]

Hooch: Sergeant Epps, the stairs are blocked!

Soldier: We're trapped!

Soldier: Okay. How do we get out of here? Hey! Come on!

Eddie: Oh, Lord Jesus, let me just get out of this alive. Oh Lord Jesus just let me get out of this alive.

Epps: Whoa!

Sam: Move! We got to move!

Epps: Why do the Decepticons always get the good shit?

Sam: Move!

Epps: We're about to be eaten, people!

People: [screaming]

Driller: [roaring]

Carly: Whoa whoa whoa!

Soldier: We're gonna die!

Soldiers: [screaming and shouting]

Carly: Aaah!

Sam: Hold on!

Carly: Aaaah!

Sam: Give me your hand! I'm swinging that way!

Hooch: Got her!

Carly: Oh, my God!

Sam: I'm dropping you on the fire escape!

Driller: [roaring]

Carly: Sam!

Hooch: Whoa! We gotta move!

Driller: [roaring]

Soldier: Move! Move!

Optimus Prime: I'm coming for you!

Driller: [growl]

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Shockwave: [speaks in Cybertronian]

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Roadbuster: Optimus!

Optimus Prime: Wreckers!

Roadbuster: We're coming!

Sentinel Prime: Decepticons around the world... launch the pillars.

Decepticon Protoform: [grunting]

Wheelie: Ah! We are so lost!

Brains: Always left out.

Wheelie: Ooh. Ka-ching! It's time to lay down the law.

Brains: About to bring some hurt now.

Sam: It's starting! You see it?

Epps: Whoa! Look out!

Epps: Where are Sam and Carly?

Eddie: Ummm...

Sam: We'll go this way.

Epps: I give you one thing to do, one thing to do, and you drop the ball on that?

Eddie: I ain't signed up for all this! Got aliens blasting at me, running around chasing me! I'm ducking through churches and buildings and all that kind of crap, man! This is bullshit! I ain't signed up for this, Epps. I'm trying to keep it together.

Starscream: What a treat! You and me, alone!

Sam: Carly!

Sam: Come on, come on! Run! Okay! He's after me, not you. Quick! Run!

Starscream: You can't hide, boy!

Sam: Oh my god-

Starscream: I just love it when your little insect feet try to run!

Carly: Sam!

Sam: Run!

Starscream: I thought you were working for us, boy? Hahahahaha!

Carly: No! Sam!

Starscream: [screaming] Ahhh, my eye!

Sam: Whoa, whoa!

Starscream: [grunting and screaming] My eye!

Lennox: Target the Decepticon!

Sam: [screaming]

Carly: Sam!

Carly: Please, you've got to save Sam! You've got to save him!

Lennox: What the hell is he doing?

Sam: [grunting] This better work-

NEST Soldier: D-Bots! D-Bots!

Starscream: [roaring and shouting]

Sam: [shouting]

Starscream: Ow ow ow ow! I can't see! I can't see!

Lennox: Sam! It's on my hand! Grab the knife! Knife!

Sam: I'm trying! Knife, knife, knife, knife, knife!

Starscream: [growling]

Sam: The bomb's gonna blow! The bomb's gonna-

Starscream: You human scum!

Sam: We got twenty seconds on that bomb!

Lennox: What bomb?

Sam: You see that bomb? Cut it, cut it, cut it!

Starscream: [roaring]

Lennox: I got it! How long do we have?

Sam: Whoa!

Starscream: I'm gonna kick you!

Sam: [screaming] Cut, cut, cut cut cut!

Starscream: I'm gonna kill y-

Bumblebee: [whistling noises]

Sam and Lennox: [screaming]

Lennox: [panting]

Sam: Well, he's dead.

Lennox: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Hey, Bee's going to run with the rest of the Autobots and meet us at the edge of the river.

Lennox: All right.

Decepticon Pilots: [speaking in Cybertronian]

Wheelie: It sucked me in! There was nothing I could do!

Brains: Uh-oh.

Wheelie: Ah.

Brains: This is a total clusterf-

Sam: We got to get across the river. You see that? She said the control pillar was in that first cupola.

Lennox: All right.

NEST Soldier: Let's go! Move! Let's move!

NEST Announcer: Tomahawks are inbound. ETA twenty minutes.

Dutch: I'm in the traffic cameras.

NEST Announcer: Four Autobots are captured.

Mearing: Oh, my God. We're helpless.

Simmons: Whatever's set to happen, with those pulses getting faster, it's gonna happen soon.

NEST Announcer: No sign of Optimus.

Lennox: How do we get these bridges down? Spread out. Check in there.

Lennox: Epps! Epps, I've been looking for your ass. How you doing?

Epps: Retirement is whack. Even worse, we can't get across the river to that building, and the Autobots are upstairs, surrounded.

Simmons: Just pan the camera around, all right?

Dutch: All right. Pan- pan right. That's you.

Lennox: Try getting into the bridge control room.

Mearing: What are they doing? They're just standing there.

Simmons: Hang on. Dutch, see if you can hack into the bridge.

NEST Soldier: Sir, SEALs are here.

Lennox: It's a good day, boys! What do you got?

SEAL Captain: Got a ten-man SEAL unit, sir, tasked with vectoring Tomahawks.

Lennox: How long?

SEAL Captain: Fifteen.

Soundwave: You're my prisoners!

Sideswipe: Take it easy. We surrender.

Decepticons: [growling]

Ratchet: Get off me. Get off me!

Lennox: All right, you're gonna need your forty Mike-Mikes and frags. Go full auto. The vibrations jack up their circuits. Snipers, shoot for the eyes. All right, your target is up on top of that building, that cupola.

Sentinel Prime: How doomed you are, Autobots. You simply fail to understand, that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Activating the bridge.

Decepticons: [shouting]

Brains: They happy about something.

Wheelie: We're in the heart of their ship. Let's give them a little ride.

Brains: Oh ho! We gonna screw this ship up.

Dutch: It's a 128K binary encryption code. It's difficult... but not for me, I'm in. Bridge, down.

Epps: The bridge is coming down! Someone's watching over us!

Soldier: Come on! Let's go!

Simmons: Pleasure working with you, Seymour. I believe you're supposed to say.

Mearing: Good job, Dutch.

Dutch: [speaks in German]

Ratchet: Get off me!

Bumblebee: [whistling noises]

Barricade: [growl]

Sam: [panting]

Roadbuster: Hurry! They're triggering the pillars!

Dylan: Prisoners? You're keeping prisoners?

Soundwave: Yes.

Dylan: You need to teach them about respect. This was all business, but now it's personal, do you understand me?

Soundwave: Ha ha. I understand. No prisoners, only trophies.

Que: Bee? I think they're going to kill us.

Bumblebee: [whistle]

Barricade: You! Your time is up.

Que: Wait, wait, wait! We surrendered! We're your prisoners.

Barricade: Move it!

Que: Can't we talk this out? We're all a bunch of good chaps! I mean you no- why did you- aah!

Barricade: [laughing]

Bumblebee: {Good-bye, my old friend.}

Soundwave: You're mine now.

Bumblebee: [angry whistles] {Get off me!}

Soundwave: Come along!

Sam: I got to help him.

Carly: What? What are you doing?

Sam: I got to help him.

Carly: Sam, you can't help him. Sam!

Sam: [grunting]

Soundwave: Turn around.

Bumblebee: {We- we gave them a hell of a run.}

Soundwave: [grunting]

Bumblebee: [whistle]

Wheelie: We did it, Brains! We did it!

Brains: Rip this ship apart!

Soundwave: Nngh!

Sam and Carly: [shouting]

Bumblebee: {Yeah!}

Soundwave: No- NO!

Wheelie: We had a nice run, Brains.

Brains: Yeah.

Wheelie: You and me.

Brains: We gonna die.

Epps: Come on. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, baby! You all come with us!

NEST Soldier: Go! You guys, follow that ground team! Go!

NEST Soldier: Move, move, move!

Lennox: Epps, third floor! We're going to 45!

Lennox: All right. Two snipers, right here! All right, dock up!

NEST Soldier: We jump in three minutes!

Epps: Set up shop right here.

Lennox: All right. Set up.

Barricade: [speaking in Cybertronian]

Epps: I'm downstairs.

Lennox: We got five targets and Shockwave right below us.

NEST Soldier: Stand by to jump!

Lennox: All right, let's go! Get ready, get ready.

Barricade: [speaking in Cybertronian]

Lennox: Go!

Barricade: [speaking in Cybertronian]

Epps: Snipers, take out their eyes.

Barricade: Nngh!

Stone: All right, demo team, let's crank steel.

Decepticon Protoforms: [growling]

Barricade: [growling]

Mongo: Turning steel!

Decepticon Protoform: [grunting] Holy shit!

Shockwave: [growling]

Epps: Don't fire till I tell you!

Shockwave: [roaring]

Babyface: Woaaaah!

Lennox: Go! All right, good job, kid!

Epps: Fire!

Shockwave: [growling]

Eddie: Yeah!

Epps: We got him!

Eddie: Yeah!

NEST Soldier: He's on the run!

Sideswipe: Autobots, attack!

Ratchet: Mortar that bridge!

Sentinel Prime: It's our world now! Commence transport!

Sam: Oh my God. Oh my God.

Optimus Prime: Hah!

Sam: Optimus!

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Shockwave: [growl]

Optimus Prime: [roaring] You die! Hyah!

Sentinel Prime: No!

Optimus Prime: Get down here, Sentinel!

Sentinel Prime: Optimus, you forget your place. I bring you Cybertron. Your home! And still you choose humanity.

Optimus Prime: You were the one who taught me freedom is everyone's right. [roaring]

Sentinel Prime: I will retrigger that pillar!

Optimus Prime: Then you'll have to go through me!

Optimus & Sentinel: [assorted grunting and roaring]

Sam: Okay, I've got to try and help. I have to. You stay here.

Carly: Don't you go. Don't go. Sam! Sam-

Sam: You'll be fine, okay? I promise. I got to get to that pillar.

Sentinel Prime: Charge the pillar!

Epps: We got Autobots!

Soldier: Right flank, right flank!

Sam: [grunting]

Soldier: Move, move!

Optimus Prime: Hah! Rrah!

Sentinel Prime: Reinforcements! Decepticon ships, fire at Optimus!

SEAL Captain: We're taking fire! I need those Tomahawks in now!

NEST Announcer: First wave inbound.

Roadbuster: We've got to cover for Optimus!

Optimus & Sentinel: [assorted grunting]

Sentinel Prime: Decepticons, trigger the pillar! Restart that pillar!

Dylan: Trigger the pillars.

Optimus Prime: I can't hold them! The ships have us pinned! No!

NEST Soldier: Inbound, ten seconds! Danger close!

SEAl Captain: Mark-Lima-Echo-Echo, one four two five zero!

Tomahawk Controller: Positive surface contact.

Tomahawk Controller: Target I.D.

Tomahawk Controller Target acquired.

Megatron: [growl]

Sam: Hah. Dylan! Wait! Wait-

Dylan: Noo!

Sam: Shit- Dylan! Stop! Stop! No! You can't do this, okay?

Dylan: There's only one future for me. Ah!

Sam: [grunting]

Megatron: Cybertron, you are saved. At last.

Megatron: Oh... Have you come to surrender?

Doctor: Hi!

Carly: Was it all worth it?

Megatron: Obviously.

Carly: All your work to bring Sentinel back and now clearly he has all the power. It's actually almost tragic.

Megatron: You dare lecture me, slave?

Carly: Your Decepticons finally conquering this planet, and yet, their leader won't be you!

Megatron: It will be me! It will always be me.

Carly: In any minute now, you'll be nothing but Sentinel's bitch.

Megatron: [roar]

Bumblebee: [whistle]

Hooch: Rocket! Die!

Sentinel Prime: [roaring and grunting]

Sam: Uh!

Dylan: You chose sides?

Sam: [grunting]

Dylan: You chose wrong.

Sam: [grunting]

Optimus Prime: Yaaah!

Sentinel Prime: Always- the bravest of us!

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Sentinel Prime: But you could never make the hard decisions!

Optimus Prime: [grunting]

Sentinel Prime: Our planet will survive!

Optimus Prime: N- No!

Sentinel & Optimus: [various grunting]

Sentinel Prime: We were gods once. All of us.

Optimus Prime: Uh..

Sentinel Prime: But here-

Optimus Prime: Please-

Sentinel Prime: -There will only be one!

Sentinel Prime: [screaming]

Megatron: [growl] This is my planet!

Dylan: I just saved a whole other world. You think you're a hero, huh? You think you're a hero?

Sam: No. I'm just a messenger. Aaah!

Dylan: [dying screams]

Leadfoot: The pillar's still connected!

Epps: Let's go! Bring it up!

Sam: Bee! Let's do this!

Lennox: Let's go, let's go! Move, move! Pillar's still connected!

Roadbuster: Rip that pillar down!

Megatron: Now. We need a truce... All I want is to be back in charge. Besides... who would you be without me, Prime?

Optimus Prime: Time to find out.

Megatron: [grunting and roaring]

Sentinel Prime: Optimus, all I ever wanted was the survival of our race. You must see why... I had to betray you.

Optimus Prime: You didn't betray me. You betrayed yourself.

Sentinel: Prime: No, Optimus- [screaming]

Lennox: Sam.

Carly: I love you.

Sam: I love you. You're the only thing I need in this world, and I'll do anything to make it up to you, I promise.

Carly: I'm going to hold you to that. Just never let me go.

Sam: I promise.

Bumblebee: [whistling noises]

Carly: Ooo, rings.

Bumblebee: [plays the wedding tune]

Carly: I love this car.

Bumblebee: [whistling noise]

Sam: Bee, you've got to slow it down.

Carly: Hee hee.

Sam: You got to slow way down, okay?

Bumblebee: {Oh, I'm just trying to help out.}

Optimus Prime: In any war, there are calms between storms.

Ratchet: You fought bravely.

Optimus Prime: There will be days when we lose faith. Days when our allies turn against us. But the day will never come... that we forsake this planet... and its people.


Mearing: Whoaa- [chuckles] Mmm!

Simmons: That's what I call the start of a beautiful future. Ha ha ha!

Mearing: [chuckles] Arrest him.

Simmons: Ha ha ha! It was worth it!

Mearing: Get him out of here!

Simmons: I'd go to jail for love! I don't care! Go ahead, take me in! I want to go in! Let's go in.

Dutch: Sir, sir-

Simmons: Come on, Charlotte, take me in right now!

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