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I've been reading this all day. There's a lot going on and it's all very intriguing...

There's a very Red Dwarfy vibe throughout. Tailgate's six million year blackout is very reminiscent of it and Ultra Magnus' Terminator vision could be a gag lifted straight from Kryten. Not to mention the future echo at the end.

Not that any of that is at all a bad thing. Weirdly, the other big thing that I take a slightly worrying amount of interest in, Homestuck, also owes a huge amount to Red Dwarf, especially the novels.

Anyway, I'm sold. It'll be fun keeping track of the big cast and the mile-a-minute backstory that is building up. I'm as dismayed as anyone that the goofy 'four million year war' thing from the Ironhide series is being stuck with, but I'm sure I'll get over it. Maybe Cybertron has a weird calender on account of its orbit around three stars?
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