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Bloody beautiful and such a breath of fresh air after the last few years of terrible Transformers comics. Just like Last Stand of the Wreckers this series takes a group of characters who are a mix of old favourites and guys who have never had any real personality before and instantly makes me fall in love with them all

Ultra Magnus is a joy here. He gets the best line of the issue during the "crooked badge" bit with him and Rodimus. I had a hard time reading it without imagining Rodimus being voiced by Craig Charles and Ultra Magnus being voiced by Chris Barrie

Chromedome and Rewind are an adorable pair already and I loved the bit about alt modes and Rewind "Archiving"

Cyclonus finally being written as the interesting new take on the character Furman presented in his Spotlight which was then promptly abandoned in order to make him the bloke out of the cartoon who Galvatron occasionally thumps is a very welcome change and he had some great scenes here. Whirl was a nice addition as well and his increasing damaged mental state makes me think that Rodimus is really going to wish he'd left him back on Cybertron

Brainstorm is wonderful. What DOES he keep in that briefcase of his? I think he's bluffing and it's his private stock of energon goodies and he just doesn't want to share. So he scares people off with all this talk about doomsday weapons. The big fibber

And Swerve I'm in love with this guy already after just a couple of bits of dialogue.

Decepticons forever!

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