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Damn it, this was near the perfect start. The art is fab, I think Roches finest stuff yet and Burchams colourings suit it so well. Very disappointing that Roche wont be available for the rest of the ongoing but hopefully Milne will be able to keep his recent form and produce some good work (the cover for issue 2 would indicate not)

The writing is typical roberts - He's kinda like the Joss Whedon of transformers. Snappy dialogue, nearly always a bit of underlying wit and lots of stuff going on. Really, its a great start for this book. The cliffhanger at the end also gets the old curiosity flowing. Hopeful IDW dont implode and reboot before all those threads are tied up.

Over to Barbar next who I really think has a much harder prospect ahead. Transformers a-la star trek? Roberts was always going to nail that one.

SPOILER! (select to read)
As for the autobot who shows up in issue 2? I have a feeling it jsut may be the now-insane Grimlock. He did come up in LSOTW so maybe this is where he ends up
I think the Autobot who's going to be returning is
SPOILER! (select to read)
based on the solicits but issue four mentions another character thought lost may be returning so that could well be
SPOILER! (select to read)
Grimlock. Though as it's set on Delphi, the Wrecker's old base, I'm thinking it's going to be one of the Wreckers who's status is unknown right now, Impactor, Guzzle or RacknRuin

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Yeah, the Magnus-O-Vision was great, wasn't it?

At some point, I'd like to have an issue (or subplot, at least) told mostly through Ultra Magnus' POV. At a glance, it seems to have been well-received throughout the interwebs. I think it's almost expected at this point.
I'd love to know what his Magnus-O-Vision makes of nutters like Whirl or guys like Brainstorm with his history of creating bizarre and horrible weapons

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