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So, none of our other resident Roberts fans have picked this up?

Originally Posted by StarscreamX View Post
I think the Autobot who's going to be returning is
SPOILER! (select to read)
Oh, that's right! I completely spaced that.

I'm all for a little love being tossed in his direction. Still, just for once, it'd be nice that the poor guy wasn't made out to be the punching bag of the universe. Though, I suppose _____'s bad luck more or less defines him as character. Unintentionally so, but still...

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
A minor worry is that with Alex taking over, some of the more visual humour that you get with Nicks work may not come across as well (or at all)

I really like the bit where Tailgate is crawling along and keeps passing out. It's very funny visually and I just cant imagine Milne carry it off. Hope I'm wrong because the sly humour that roberts (and roche) brought to DOOP (!!) and LSOTW really added to the character of both stories.
Was thinking that too, right after I made my comment about it. While I will admit Milne has greatly improved, at least recently, he still needs to expand his range of emotions -- you know, outside of shock and...errr, smug satisfaction?
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