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Well, well. The Marty Jannetty to Roberts Shawn Michaels, "Robots in Disguise" has a few things going against it. First off, and this is just an opinion, I think they have a much harder brief. Rebuilding a planet and its civilization is a much harder story to tell in an exciting comic compared to a ship blasted to an unknown part of the galaxy on a mission to find long-missing legends. Second, Roberts work has a wonderful zip. Not just in the events that he crams into an issue, but in the way he works dialogue. It's early days but Barbers first few pages feel very much ponderous and feel a bit more simplistic and clear cut.


There are some good points here. The art is quite nice, and the weird designs of the other cybertronians make sense being as they have been so long distanced from the autobots and decepticons.

I also like that cybertron is a hostile living planet. This will certainly help with future storylines as well as giving us something fresh. And it also looks like we will be getting a wider range of characters which is also welcome.

All the best to Barber. I feel that the success of this series may hinge on the portrayal of certain key characters - for me, Prowl will be a key figure to get right. I also feel that Bumblebee may not be the best character to be the focus of. But I'll be happy to be proved wrong.
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