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Ah, James Roberts. How I want to perform some sort of insane mad scientist experiment on you to turn you into a woman so we can have lots of crazy looking babies.

If Death of Optimus Prime was underwhelming, this was about as perfect an issue one as could be hopped for. Whilst the Autobots who are staying behind are still far too jerky to make RID appealing here Rodimus and company are suddenly fun. Ultra Magnus, Swerve, Tailgate, Rewind (ah, what was he buying?) are all awesome and set up well. And Whirl is a magnificent crazy bastard.

The only downside is, long term plots are set up. Have IDW not learnt this is a really bad idea? I don't expect any satisfactory pay off to anything said in that message at the end. And that's a shame.

General thoughts:

I'm expecting a twist where the explosion wasn't Prowl's doing but just an accident due to premature launching. Mind, Prowl is part of the "Everyone is a cock" book so maybe that's optimistic.

Another possibility for the "Thought dead" Transformer: Scourge. He warrants a few mentions, is important to Cyclonus and it's very firmly established he's considered gone.

I was expecting there to be a pay off to Prowl's speech where it turned out he gave that "You're the only indispensable one" speech to everyone. Unless that pay off is in the other book?

All in all, if not for it being part of the IDW Universe I would literally be dry humping this comic like a demented dog. As it is though: Cautiously optimistic.

EDIT: Oh, but any in-fiction use of rubsigns is and always will be crap.
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