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Interesting idea on Scourge. It would be nice to have him show up as he was the original sweep - I imagine there is potential there for some good character issues.

The only downside is, long term plots are set up. Have IDW not learnt this is a really bad idea? I don't expect any satisfactory pay off to anything said in that message at the end. And that's a shame.
See, the thing is that I hope IDW will have learned from Furman is that not everything needs to be set up and then finished at the same time. I'm hopeful that Roberts has made notes on all the plot ideas he has set up but isnt rushed to tie them all up within the next 6 months. Hell, if the comic is decent some of these issues can be ongoing for ages before we get a payoff. Many a book or tv show manager to do the long set-up on some plot points. And another note to IDW is that not everything has to be "The next big bad" type of plot. It helps if some stuff is simply dealt with in one or two issues.

The main thing is that if (when?) IDW decide to change direction they hold steady on any ground work laid and dont just ignore it all. The writer may change but the reader hopefully doesnt.
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