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Its not as good as MTMTE but its far better than I expected. The art is really nice - distinct from Milne and Roche but not shabby in a any way.

I like the different factions and the uneasy peace. And like MTMTE there is set-up going on more than one front (one thing I hated about costa was that he rarely took on any thing more than the story in hand).

Of course, war is going to break out between the cons and the bots but there is a clear third faction now which adds a bit of friction. We also have the changing and hostile cybertron. Is it possible we'll see a fourth side enter the fray, threatening the nails who then need the war-like Autobots and Decpticons? Yeah, probably.

I also like Barbars writing. It works with the characters and seems in sync with Roberts own style. So potential here. Problems? Sure, the overall set-up is messy and could fall to pieces after 6 issues. There's also the issue raised on other threads that this book lacks a stand-out likeable character. It sure isn't Prowl or Bumblebee. metalhawk comes off as a political do-gooder. Will Wheeljack and ironhide give this book a bit of soul for the reader to latch onto? We'll have to see.

But overall, while its not a five energon cube issue its a good 3.5. Much better than i expected (especailly after I saw the preview pages)
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