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Whilst the Autobots who are staying behind are still far too jerky to make RID appealing here Rodimus and company are suddenly fun.
I told you so.

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The only downside is, long term plots are set up. Have IDW not learnt this is a really bad idea? I don't expect any satisfactory pay off to anything said in that message at the end. And that's a shame.
Actually, I'm of the mind that we'll see most of these ideas take shape in fairly short order. Roberts' resume is filled with stories that move at lightning speed, and I expect this one to be much the same.

SPOILER! (select to read)
We already know from solicits that Skids will be showing up in the next issue or two.

And we already know Delphi from Bullets -- it's the Autobot medical centre, and a perfectly logical destination for an Autobot ship that just took serious damage and well as for an Autobot medic who is looking for his replacement (fingers crossed for First Aid, I'd really like to see him get some development). I wouldn't be surprised at all if they arrived there within the first trade's worth of material.

A part of me is leery about this book being an ongoing, though. The foreshadowing tells me that Roberts seems to have the general thrust of the story in mind, and there are only so many ways the crew can be diverted from their quest without it being repetitive. It seems like the sort of story that really should run for a set amount of time (whether that be twelve issues or thirty) and then end organically when they find what they're looking for. I just hope that IDW have the wits to end the story properly when the time comes and then move on to something else.

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I was expecting there to be a pay off to Prowl's speech where it turned out he gave that "You're the only indispensable one" speech to everyone. Unless that pay off is in the other book?
When I read that, I honestly wondered just how many people Prowl had given that little speech to...and how many of them he'd convinced to stay.

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All in all, if not for it being part of the IDW Universe I would literally be dry humping this comic like a demented dog. As it is though: Cautiously optimistic.
Same here. I want to like it, but at the same time I'm still operating under the assumption that IDW will ruin it somehow. Don't want to get my hopes up too high.

But my biggest reaction was this: much like Wreckers, Roberts' use of characters here both pleases and enrages me. If you'd told me last year that we'd see an ongoing series starring Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, Drift, Tailgate, Whirl, Cyclonus, Rung, Red Alert, Ratchet, Swerve, Chromedome and Rewind I would have laughed at you. And yet here we are, and in the space of one issue he's made every one of them a unique character that you can understand (if not in fact like). Whirl especially is a revelation...I'd always seen his particular type of crazy as the wacky, funloving daredevil sort and until James Roberts started to use him I had no idea just how wildly dangerous he could be.

There's not a bad character in the bunch and I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what he does with all of them.

But the flip-side of that coin is the deaths. Just like Wreckers, where the fall of Garrus-9 left a whole list of minor characters presumably dead, this series starts off by slaughtering a good half-dozen Autobots. This time we can say goodbye to Fizzle, Sureshot, Siren, Rollout, and Rad (probably not Waverider, since he's got an invincible Pretender shell...). And what for? Did anyone among them even have lines? Did they do anything in the IDW universe that will make us care that they're gone? Or did Roberts just pick some names out of a hat in the hopes that people will care more about them than the handful of generics he tossed out?

But the thing is...I don't give a **** about IDW Sureshot (for example), and killing him off in the hopes that I'll care because I liked Marvel Sureshot or had the toy as a kid is a cheap trick. If Roberts wanted to kill someone off for shock value, he should have had the balls to throw Ultra Magnus or Ratchet out that hull breach. Kill off someone who's gotten screen-time and development, and I'll care about it. But killing off Sureshot when he hasn't even had a chance to do something yet doesn't carry any emotional impact at all, other than mild annoyance that future writers won't get the chance to make him into a character that I might care about later.

When Mike Costa does something like this I just shake my head in disgust, but when Roberts does it it gets under my skin a whole lot more. Because if anyone should know what a waste it is to kill off a character before anyone's had a chance to make something of them, it's him. Think about how much depth would Wreckers have lost if Furman had randomly killed off Pyro in a Spotlight, or if McCarthy had decided to bump off Topspin and Twin Twist in the background of one of the fight scenes in AHM. Then ask yourself, what great stories might James Roberts have just nipped in the bud by melting down Fizzle and Rollout? Maybe they never would have been used...but we'll never know, will we?
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