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There's also the issue raised on other threads that this book lacks a stand-out likeable character. It sure isn't Prowl or Bumblebee. metalhawk comes off as a political do-gooder. Will Wheeljack and ironhide give this book a bit of soul for the reader to latch onto? We'll have to see.
This is my biggest problem, too. Prowl has crossed the line from doing bad things for good reasons into outright villainy, and Bumblebee has lost all the friendly, nice guy appeal that got him elected leader in the first place. The Autobots in general have gone back to being the same jackbooted dictators that caused the Decepticons to rise up in the first place...and when I read the book I find myself wondering, "what for?" What do Bumblebee and Prowl hope to accomplish? The Cybertron they called home is destroyed, and it's not coming back. The world they're on now is hostile to Transformer life, and the population is hostile to Autobots. Are they just clinging onto power because it's the only tangible thing they have to show for four million years of pointless war?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I was an Autobot I would've joined Hot Rod's crew and gotten as far away from this mess as I could. And right now I'm finding it very hard to sympathize with, or even understand, those that didn't. I can see where Ratbat and Metalhawk are coming from, and they make for good antagonists. But until I can feel the same about the 'good guys' I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to fully enjoy the world that Barber is creating.
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