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Then ask yourself, what great stories might James Roberts have just nipped in the bud by melting down Fizzle and Rollout? Maybe they never would have been used...but we'll never know, will we?
Yeah, but to be fair - there are only so many characters you can have. I realise that this could mean a potential great character or story is thrown out before they had a chance but I get the feeling that if a writer had a great idea for a character arc and realised that the character they had in mind was gone, they could still adapt it for another character. If we take LSOTW for example, wasnt the part of overlord originally going to be Scorponok? And things worked out better because of it.

Besides, if things go well, roberts will be on this book for a while. In this case, if he was willing to kill off a character so easily, he was never going to be pushed to write for them.

As a last note, the autobots who fall out of the ship could still return. There's certainly nothing to stop them being found in the same manner as Blaster in his spotlight.
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