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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
Does anyone think that Prowl's implication in blowing up the Lost Light was not a feint? I'm guessing his cargo and his plan was something a lot more interesting.
I'd say that's a certainty, but it might be a double bluff...

As with Red Man Prime, this turned out to be much better than expected. You could argue that Bumblebee goes to the limit very quickly (or at least, as there's been at least some time since DoOP we're not properly shown it), but I'll take a slightly breakneck pace over the languid style IDW have previously employed where this would have been the end of issue 10. And Bumblebee genuinely feels like a bot on the edge of a breakdown which actually makes him more sympathetic, plus, he only does what he does to Horri-Bull when the later refuses to stop beating the NAIL to death.

Prowl also regains some ground by playing his cards close to his chest, it leaves a sense he's got more going on than being a complete bastard. I do hope his friend who can turn blacker than the shadows he's standing in turns out to be Headmasters Sixshot*. No, not IDW Sixshot, specifically the Decepticons Ninja consultant, complete with Star TV vocalisations. Hell, if Ironhide can suddenly** start talking in phonetic hick...

It's not as out and out fun as MTMTE was, but it's got a lot of potential if done right, and it's nice that IDW are trying to make sure both books do have a different feel. The problem is though, it's also the easiest one to screw up. And Metalhawk is even more of a wanker than he was in the previous issue, he might as well be holding up a sign saying "I'm manipulating the situation in an unsubtle way!".

*Though Scorponok did that trick in Headmasters as well, and this guy does have a Headmastery looking backpack to him....

** This may have started since I stopped reading the comics, but it's really silly. Why would Wheeljack send the resident moonshine guzzling Dukes of Hazard fan on an important scientific mission of exploration? Expendable?
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