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And Metalhawk is even more of a wanker than he was in the previous issue, he might as well be holding up a sign saying "I'm manipulating the situation in an unsubtle way!".
I don't know about that. My take on it is that he's a reactive character rather than a schemer. I suppose there is that bit where he tells Bumblebee that he doesn't personally think that the little guy is all that bad, but then is interrupted by Horri-bull and Bumblebee's demonstration of just how messed up the Autobots are after their great big war.

He seems to want to have his own way and is keen to take the moral high ground. He's duplicitous, but he's plainly duplicitous. That does make him a wanker but he's not a villain.

He got a microscopic cameo in this issue but I'd really like to see a sensible take on Buzzsaw. Now that people aren't shooting at each other quite so often, a quick sketch of what this ancient and diverse society considers to be artistic would be nice. It's a pity Slog is in the Anti-Character bin that is a gestalt team.
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