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I wouldn't put it past Ratbat to be talking poetic bollocks. I actually found him a bit disappointing. They're obviously trying to evoke Marvel Ratbat, but have missed what made him so awesome, he was a bottom line administrator guy. The slightly flowery politician isn't as much fun, especially in a comic where half the cast seem to be slightly flowery politicians.
Yeah, I felt the same way. I was bringing a lot of Marvel baggage to my expectation of him. The dynamics of Marvel Ratbat would be off in this situation though - Marvel Ratbat was part of a firmly established order and the spark of the Decepticon movement had long since gone out. This Ratbat is starting from the absolute bottom so it wouldn't make a lick of sense for him to fretting about budgets and whatnot. And you're right - between Metalhawk, Rodimus and Ratbat, there have been a lot of characters yakkin' it up like a petrol driven yakkin' machine.

Which is fine by me, I like the yakkin', but it does iron out the cast a bit too much. Ratbat would have better used as a Number Two to someone like, I don't know, Bombshell? Maybe that's what will happen anyway.

Soundwave's really redundant in there with Shockwave about, isn't he? Would have been nice to have him killed off and to spare him the severe schizophrenia the writers have subjected him to. (He's back to Sunbow-talk in Autocracy, by the way, and appears to turn into a small, useless object that Starscream carries around with him most conspicuously. ((and what, they can replace his entire body but can't fix his faceplate?)) )

Those are some thoughts I had.
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