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Not having followed (or frankly, cared) about any of the Costa bobbins I've no idea where Sound and Shock are in the IDW Universe (except possibly as the stars of a wacky sit-com, My Two Waves), but I did think it was kind of strange to see the later reduced to a silent background extra when he'd be the obvious guy to jump in and try and take charge. He'd probably have more respect than Ratbat from his fellow Cons as well, as he's actually done things in the last four million years (hell, he's managed to be more proactive than Ratbat despite spending a chunk of that time in a tar pit).

I'm trying to remember how Ratbat was written back in Megatron: Origin, but can't recall more than him being an idiot. "I make money from sales of SpaceVHS of these gladiatorial fights... so lets invest lots of money in the one team so that they win everything, making for duller fights and ultimately an end to the games as everyone else will be dead, leaving what's basically a small heavily armed militia with nothing to do. What can go wrong?".

I also found everyone having new alt modes when there's no longer a desperate need for them, resources being scarce and Wheeljack having better things to do a bit odd. War/Fall For Cybertron toy plugging at Hasbro's insistence?
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