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I'm trying to remember how Ratbat was written back in Megatron: Origin, but can't recall more than him being an idiot. "I make money from sales of SpaceVHS of these gladiatorial fights... so lets invest lots of money in the one team so that they win everything, making for duller fights and ultimately an end to the games as everyone else will be dead, leaving what's basically a small heavily armed militia with nothing to do. What can go wrong?".
That was the point though, surely? He was a stock evil politician who was too greedy and near-sighted and so fell afoul of the mess he made. Though instead of 'falling afoul,' he got turned into a bra by his secretary, which is probably the kinkiest thing which has happened in a Transformers comic.

I also found everyone having new alt modes when there's no longer a desperate need for them, resources being scarce and Wheeljack having better things to do a bit odd. War/Fall For Cybertron toy plugging at Hasbro's insistence?
These days, I don't think the creatives even need to be told. They just see some new designs around and reckon that is what expected of them.

Not having followed (or frankly, cared) about any of the Costa bobbins I've no idea where Sound and Shock are in the IDW Universe
Like every other character, they have done absolutely nothing of consequence. The only slightly notable thing that has happened to either of them is that Soundwave got shot in the head a while ago but got better. That's why he's got a sailor's mug in these comics, although that doesn't make any sense.

but I did think it was kind of strange to see the later reduced to a silent background extra when he'd be the obvious guy to jump in and try and take charge.
Shockwave hasn't been a take-charge guy in the IDW stuff, even going back to his Spotlight. He's a deeply autistic fellow who just wants to be left alone so he can do his tinkerings. Occasionally, he might need to pick a side or divert the course of a war or kill a bunch of dudes so that he can do so, but once he's taken care of those distractions he'll pop off again.
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