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Originally Posted by Terome View Post
That was the point though, surely? He was a stock evil politician who was too greedy and near-sighted and so fell afoul of the mess he made. Though instead of 'falling afoul,' he got turned into a bra by his secretary, which is probably the kinkiest thing which has happened in a Transformers comic.
Circuit Breaker?

These days, I don't think the creatives even need to be told. They just see some new designs around and reckon that is what expected of them.
I can almost see the point when they did it with All Hail Megatron as there was no supporting media for those Classics toys. Even if it were both completely cock handed (changing Bluestreak's already established name on the assumption that people would be too stupid to work out this Silverstreak guy was supposed to be him?) and mostly pointless as the comic was pretty much entirely brought by people into the toys anyway so it was preaching to the converted.

The WoC toys though, had a hugely succesful computer game behind them that's likely been played by bugger loads more people than will ever read an IDW comic. Do we really need slightly forced plugging once again?

Plus side, it means Bumblebee's deeply silly Camero look has been retired.
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