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Hmm...haven't Hasbro imposed a deluxe only mandate on these CHUG toys?
Well, from my understanding "Robots in Disguise" is the new generic catch all line for anything that's not Movie related (the Movie line is continuing with the "Movie Trilogy" line), so stuff like Transformers Prime, probably more "Classics" style figures, and Fall of Cybertron toys will be in it. Note, however, that RiD already contains Voyagers in the form of Optimus Prime and Megatron from TF: Prime.

While I certainly hope they continue to focus on the Deluxe sized toys (they hurt my wallet less), some figures just don't feel right at that size. Also, it's not as if Hasbro hasn't "cheated" before when it came to Generations, i.e. technically Lugnut, Sea Spray, and Grappel where Reveal the Shield but are, when you get down to it, Classics style figures.

That said, I'm a sucker for the Fall of Cybertron character designs.
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