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Originally Posted by Thunderwave View Post
Well, from my understanding "Robots in Disguise" is the new generic catch all line for anything that's not Movie related (the Movie line is continuing with the "Movie Trilogy" line), so stuff like Transformers Prime, probably more "Classics" style figures, and Fall of Cybertron toys will be in it. Note, however, that RiD already contains Voyagers in the form of Optimus Prime and Megatron from TF: Prime.
If the news from UK Toy Fair was accurate, all of the FoC toys are going to fall under the Generations banner. If that's the case then we should expect everything in the line to be Deluxe-sized until we hear otherwise.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
I'm more intrigued on how they'll be released. Five deluxes spread amongst two-three waves or a possible "Leader class" giftset with Bruticus?
Five Deluxes would be more in line with Unicron in terms of price, wouldn't they? I'd be really surprised if they released such a big gift to mass retail in a non-Movie year, but I guess stranger things have happened.

But you'd think that they'd want to avoid the distribution problems that made collecting the Energon combiners so hard. After all, isn't that why the PCCs were small enough that they could sell the whole team at a reasonable price point? Unless they plan on shipping the Combaticons as a single wave at the Deluxe price point, with an equal number of each character per case, I'm not sure what would work better than a gift set.

Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
From a marketing standpoint, there's more AWE in seeing a big figure in a package rather than five smaller ones with a graphic on the back highlighting a combination you'll be able to do in a month or two.
That's true, but it's also a lot harder for kids to buy the $80 gift set than it is to buy one Deluxe a month until they've got the whole team. I'd assume that they'd make more money by selling each Combaticon individually.
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