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Eh, I think the individual molds themselves are okay; they look like the futuristic-but-actually-ancient Combaticons that they're supposed to be. Do agree that some of the paint schemes leave a lot to be desired, though. In particular, the pink and gold that Vortex is sporting is, yeah, pretty tacky and Blast Off looks to be a victim of bad photoshopping. While I don't expect (or want) Generations/WoC/FoC line to be slavishly G1 - even if it clearly takes a lot of cues from it - I was expecting something a little bit closer to this (not that that is any less tacky).

And before someone chimes in; I really can't be bothered with the whole "Aligned" continuity stuff. To me, these are G1 throwbacks and little else. I'm content with that
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