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ooh Death's Head...hope its the original...and with interchangable weaponary! (i would prefer the black and yellow body over the green body warmer look, or even the brown and red What If..? one)Ever since Four Horsemen's update of Trapjaw in the 2002 MOTU line I've been hopeful of an official DH toy.

Only concerns: Marvel's action figures are generally very ugly as they go overboard with making the things 'super posable', which means none of them can stand straight without looking like they've been in a horrible accident, with body parts shifting and slumping at awkward angles. I don't mind a bit of articulation, but really...who needs all this sh*t?

Oh, Shockwave... I am a bit disappointed by him. He's nearly there...but couldn't they have left him has a ray gun? he turns into nothing like the awful DOTM toy. BOOOOOOO!

Bruticus looks a bit of a disaster. The Jazz toy looks petty nifty, if having a bit of an odd looking head.

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