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Shockwave looks bloody brilliant.

Don't really much care for Cybertronian Optimus Prime toy number fifteen, or for the sub-par looking Jazz.

Death's Head!

Bruticus... that Onslaught looks like a cheap man's Kup. Brawl and Swindle look bloody fantastic, and despite what you all might say, I like Blast Off's design. I just hope the gold plastic whatever doesn't blow him up straight off the package. Vortex has a nice-looking design but that paint scheme made my eyes bleed.

Screw anyone who says WFC/FOC are in the same continuity with the Prime cartoon, these shit are G1. Unless they had, oh, a cutscene in the game where Starscream and Bumblebee and Soundwave and practically everybody else gets zapped and changed into there awesome looking Prime bodies.
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