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That's fitting, since someone at Hasbro seems to have decided to paint it up as Energon Bruticus instead of trying to make it look anything like the video game's CGI model. I seriously don't see the point of going to the trouble of designing this thing to tie into the video game and then making sure that most of the figures have anything resembling the right deco. Brawl and Swindle at least were just about right in the first pics that were released, but everyone else was wrong. Now they're much brighter, Blast-Off and Vortex have totally different (and equally-wrong) colour schemes and only Onslaught looks right.

I'm just...totally confused by the whole mess.

I still think Brawl looks cool, and Vortex would probably be OK with a colour scheme that didn't damage the retinas, but that combined mode is so ugly that it's almost a parody of everything that could go wrong with a combiner toy.
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