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So do I get lynched for saying that I actually like the designs?

I have no real interest in G1 Bruticus - he was my brother's bag, and you know what sibling rivalry's like (it's probably a major reason I dislike Jazz in all his forms too). I'm a Menasor man.

I know nothing about Fall of Cybertron, so that doesn't influence me.

So, on a stand-alone basis, I like most of those designs. Only Swindle looks a bit poor to me. The combined mode looks fine as far as I'm concerned, but it's the individual robots and alternate modes that sell it to me. They look quite different, and interesting - certainly a nice Cybertronian feel, and not the standard run-of-the-mill designs. Really liking Blast-Off.

The colours, though... Yeah. A bit bright. Ouch!

Still, I remain interested. I'll wait and see how bright they are in person - stock images have a habit of being cleaner and brighter than the final figures anyway.
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