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I'm surprised these guys weren't shown at Botcon. Or maybe they were? Kickback is the only one I remember hearing about in the convention reports.

Kickback looks pretty cool. A nice blend of elements from his G1 design with the more 'monstrous' appearance that Insecticons have in some of the other modern TF media. I like it, even though it may fit in better with Prime toys than Generations. I hope they make the other two Insecticons in this style and redeco him into Ransack (er, I think...the grasshopper Deluxe Insecticon, whichever one that was).

Magnus and Fireflight work surprisingly well, considering the base molds look nothing like them. Not great, but well enough to actually look like who they're meant to be.

Sideswipe has the movie character's chest design. That's interesting. I can see why they'd do that, but he really doesn't look anything like Sideswipe. Though the same can be said for most of the WFC designs.

Starscream looks just awful. He's a faithful rendition of the video game design but the video game design looks awful so I'm not sure what people see in him.
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