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Smile Transformation: The Marvel UK Website and Now Book! Plus Dalek's Other Published Works.

EDIT 31/10/2016:

The book is now available from Lulu, Amazon UK and Amazon US, details here:

Shameless self promotion time:

As some of you will know. I've just come into ownership of the entire run of the Marvel UK comic. Which has inspired me to go through each issue, one a week, writing down my thoughts on the entire package. It's not an in-depth behind the scenes thing or lengthy synopsis, just a very personal journey through the comic.

The introduction and issue #1 entry are up, so I hope you'll be joining me for the next 332 (!?!?!) weeks:

All thoughts and feedback welcome either here or on the site itself (each issue will get promoted in the blog as well where comments can go).

I feel all whoreish now.


The short story collection Fitting In contains my comedic take on The Headless Horseman. Amazon links all in one handy place here:

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