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Ahhh, Look and Learn, bought by well-intentioned parents in droves unaware that the only thing in it their sprogs read was Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire.

The 'Woo, robots!' page always seemed like such a kick in the nuts. You read all these pages about transforming 40ft metal warriors and then were faced with the cruel reality of some bloke in Japan managing to get a plastic box on tracks to make a left turn while bleeping.

I've never really seen the great advantage to chronological ordering of comic stories either... Published order generally avoids any unintentional incomprehension, and intentional secret origin/flashback stories don't always work well like that anyway. Plus in the case of TFUK time travel would really **** it up - something like the first DH arc puts down vital plot points for both 1988 and 2008.

I'd be for the rough idea of using the fully integrated stuff in line with the US issues (which like it or not are the core the UK book's built around) and ignoring everything without clear consensus on placing being dropped. But then you'd miss the point of it all I suppose.

Basically, though, I'd do anything but pick a 'big name' arc and then just pack the rest of the TPB with randomly chosen unconnected stories.
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