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Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu Ray. The first one is so wonderfully 90's, in the first half an hour we get mentions of chaos theory, virtual reality (which as a special bonus has nothing to do with the film and doesn't make any sense in the context of getting DNA out of amber but does involve a shot of an extra in a silly helmet pretending he's on a Wii Fit) and then the film rounds off with lots of talk about the girl being a "Hacker" (the film seems to think "Hacking" and "Sitting at a computer and using the OS" are the same thing).

Still stands up very well though, a nice slow build up of tension and some great action scenes. The CGI dinosaurs have aged more than the anamatronic ones have, but they still have lots of personality. And there's something fantastically ballsy about doing the first dinosaur on screen in broad daylight even if it does mean it looks weaker than anything else in the film.
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