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Haven't been following toy news- haven't been following any Transformers-related news, in fact, for a while now.

Bruticus: The nonsense G2 colours that look so garish in actual military vehicles look so much better on nonsense military-esque vehicles. Certainly a better fit with the alien alternate modes than the militarized colours that the G1 Combaticons had.... of course, not that Hasbro's Vortex or Blast Off got their G1 colours right...

Wreckers: Why the hell would they bother sculpting new Xaaron, Impactor, Whirl and Roadbuster heads if they are going to homage Ruination? Ruination, of all people, who no one gives a shit about. It's stupid, because, well, all they need is to colour it right! They went all the trouble to give new heads, got all the accurate Wrecker names, which is kind of a passable job for a cheap repaint-with-a-new-head-people-will-buy... then screw it over by repainting them into Ruination. The thought process of Hasbro designers never cease to amaze me. Hell, they even gave Impactor a harpoon gun and Twintwist two giant drills! No doubt waiting to release the 'correct' colours as some sort of exclusive deal or something like that.

Grimlock: WANT. His dino mode looks like he's got a tumour in his tail but he's a proper dinosaur Grimlock toy without Pretender transformation layout or silly Animated Godzilla jaws and I want it.

Fireflight: Actually looks quite good, and looks distinct enough from its original mould to warrant a purchase. Is it a crime to say I like this colour scheme better than its G1 colours?

Ultra Magnus: The mold suits Magnus better than Optimus Prime, that's for sure, although the vehicle mode still looks like an ugly mass of shapes glued together. I'll probably be buying this toy if I can find it anywhere.

Prime Slicer: Call it Wheeljack all you like... about time we got this, instead of the cringe-worthy Stunticon slapjob we got. That rest of the obligatory mold repaints... most especially yellow Knock Out looks appalling.

Prime Skyquake: Another Prime toy that actually looks good. About time, too... after the mess they made out of some show characters like Airachnid and Knock-Out, about time we got one or two good ones.

Soundwave and Blaster: They both look horrendous. At Deluxe Class price, I might buy them just for display purposes, but as it is they look so clunky and ugly.

Circular Cassette Army: The Frenzy-Rumble-Rewind mold looks like a brick, and sadly the Laserbeak-Buzzsaw mold looks unwieldy as well. Probably will get Laserbeak nonetheless. Steeljaw/Ravage and Ramhorn seem promising, though, although if I do get them they'll probably remain in their beast modes for all eternity... turning into breath mints isn't really a step up from turning into cassettes.

China 'G1' exclusives: Legends class aside (Motorbreath? Really?), the only one that looks buyable is probably only Springer, maybe Powerdive or Swerve at a stretch... they look like what they would look if someone like Nick Roche or EJ Su decided to redesign them with a new Earth-mode. The rest? The rest... Wheelie, Hot Spot, Brawn and everything, looks like they picked anyone with similar alternate modes and slapped colours and new heads and called it a day.

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