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I'll be more excited if we get all five Dinos this time... probably the best 'update' of the original we've seen at a normal retail price point.

Although I read an article that had bits of an interview with High Moon. Apparently Hasbro was against the Dinobots making an appearance at all. They wanted to retire the group but the devs for the game where insistent that all the Dinobots make an appearance. So that said, we might not get a toy of Snarl, Sludge, Swoop, or Slag at all, but if we do I know I, for one, will probably pick them all up to finally get all 5 together in one place.

Also, I've been watching Beast Wars finally. What do you think our chances of a Dinobot repaint/retool of Grimlock coming down the pipe? The character is starting to grow on me.
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