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Originally Posted by Thunderwave View Post
Apparently Hasbro was against the Dinobots making an appearance at all.
I'm honestly starting to think that Hasbro doesn't want to do Transformers at all anymore. The lackluster toy showing for the last movie, the complete botching of the Animated line, the half-ass attempt for the "Generations" line now, and the insanely bad distribution and assortment work for Transformers: Prime ...

But, hey, we get four decos of Bruticus coming... none of which really game or character accurate, so that's, er, something.

They wanted to retire the group but the devs for the game where insistent that all the Dinobots make an appearance.
That's it.. retire the most popular sub-team Transformers ever had... maybe they've got four more Bumblebee decos to replace them?

Also, I've been watching Beast Wars finally. What do you think our chances of a Dinobot repaint/retool of Grimlock coming down the pipe? The character is starting to grow on me.
After Classics Dinobot? I'm thinking the answer is somewhere between "Slim" and "None". Hasbro really seems to be hostile to the Beast Era these days for some reason.
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