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The price has been steadily climbing for a decade everywhere else in the world, and the only reason you haven't seen it earlier is Walmart. It sucks that you guys have to experience it all at once instead of $0.50 or $1 at a time like we did, but if you thought you'd be paying $10 forever for Deluxes while prices go up everywhere else and your dollar goes down, you were dreaming.
I knew that there was a price increase coming, but the last 18 months have been nuts. It's a surefire way to kill your business model to go from 'impulse-level toy' to 'holy crap' on a deluxe in such a short span. If I'm looking at the prices as just rediculous, I can't imagine most parents are going to say "Sure, Timmy, here's $15 for yet another Optimus Prime.".

The fact that the more affordable basic line has become Cyberverse Commanders, which are pretty stiff on their own, doesn't help. It would have helped immensely if Cyberverse had a wider assortment of figures, I suppose... rather than yet another series dominated by Prime and Bumblebee.

Unfortunately, probably not. We're already looking at stuff for mid-2013, I think. How much longer after that are we going to be seeing tie-in toys released for a video game that's coming out this year?
It's possible if they keep pushing the DLC and the 'game universe' from both it and the Jagex game. I'm not exactly holding my breath, though. Hasbro's interest in Transformers really seems to have waned this year. I'm actually not sure what they want to be pushing now...

I don't know how many people would count those. I mean...dimetrodon Sludge? I wouldn't say there's been a single decent set of Dinobots since 1985. Grimlock's the only one who gets much love.
They weren't the greatest, but they were the last time the band was back together that I can think of. It's a little easier to think of them as the RID Dinobots, though, rather than the G1 team...
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