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I knew that there was a price increase coming, but the last 18 months have been nuts. It's a surefire way to kill your business model to go from 'impulse-level toy' to 'holy crap' on a deluxe in such a short span. If I'm looking at the prices as just rediculous, I can't imagine most parents are going to say "Sure, Timmy, here's $15 for yet another Optimus Prime.".
Replace 'Timmy' with 'Chris' and dollars for whatever amount of pounds sterling, and you are quoting my wife...

Getting any more Optimus Prime figures past her will be near impossible - she doesn't see the difference between MP-04, ROTF Leader or RID Prime, or understand why I have so many of that red, white and blue guy. When she saw I'd ordered MP Sideswipe, she accused me of getting yet another Optimus Prime too...

Yeah, Bumblebees have really diluted the lines lately. Stores around here have sold out of Prime figures now, and restocked the shelves with DOTM Bumblebees or overpriced Botshots - justifying the money for a Deluxe is one thing, but when you're paying near the same for a set of two cheap plastic Botshot things surely Hasbro has decided to try and kill the line?

Ach well - sure it'll pick up again, and hey, I'm really looking forward to G2 Bruticus and Takara's upcoming Masterpieces. So the mainline may be floundering a bit, but I'm actually picking up more Transformers this year that I expected - albeit exclusives and collectors lines.

Maybe TF4 will reinvigorate Transformers toys if it really does follow new characters as Bay suggests (then we'd sidestep the danger of another line clogged with Bumblebees...).
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