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All those people who spent that much or more on a Spike, hehehe... Not quite as funny as Stepper but still one of Takara's better bits of trolling. It does fit in with the recent trend of occasionally reissuing something big and mental rather than the same handful of surviving cars everyone has now. He's also probably simple enough that Tomy-Takara Toy Concern's wayward QC won't do much damage.

If it was Western retail I'd pick one up out of curiousity - I would expect there's a Hell of a lot of impact just from the size of him (I'd wager he's lighter than most expect, though) but that the novelty wears off quite sharply. He'd be a nice complement to a ****ton of Micromasters, Minicons and other Midgetbots, though.

Would like to see Star Saber reissued at some point, assuming they haven't swapped the mould for child porn or something. It looks like a lovely big brick even if it's all plastic.
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