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Star Saber is pure awesomeness. A big G1 brick, and unashamedly so. I'm not so sure they'll bother reissuing him though, he wasn't a popular character even in Japan (any G1 bot post TF:TM also falls into this category over there) and I'm sure Takara learnt their lesson after Stepper sat shelfwarming for so long. TBH it's only insane completists like me who have bothered to track him down, I doubt there would be much widespread interest, but maybe I'm wrong? Personally I would sooner see a Generations release of the character, with modern engineering and poseability. But as there isn't an obvious repaint option for the mould, I can't see that happening either.

Fort Max is as heavy as he looks, and absolutely huge! Scorponok comes up to his waist, and he dwarfs Metroplex (which, off topic, always bugs me cos in the Marvel UK run, it was 'Plex who was the giant whereas Max only stood a bit taller than PM Prime). I'll be honest, I'm still filled with awe everytime I get Fort Max out of his box, I think mostly cos I wanted him since I was 7, and it's a childhood fantasy come true that I own him. Luckily I didn't pay anywhere near the price he commands nowadays (although tbh he wasn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination), I bet there are quite a few fans who have paid megabucks for a FM and are absolutely choked now this has been announced.

I suppose there's a good chance they'll put out a Grand Maximus now as well, as they've decide to reuse Maximus' mould. (That will put a dent in my wallet). If they are gonna follow this up with Scorponok, is it too much to hope for a Black Zarak reissue? One that doesnt disintegrate just by looking at it??
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