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It'd basically need an entirely new, more in scale, Zarek toy wouldn't it? Have any of the Encore changes been that excessive? Though I suppose they might get away with a more convincing hat.
I've always thought they should simply change the Scorponok face design on Zarak. He's been designed so he can be swapped around onto different headmaster bodies, so has regular size features. (This doesn't make sense with the Western version of Headmasters, but in the Takara Headmasters series the heads did interchange between "Transtectors" (although this may have only happened once, I can't recall))
If they gave him features that were in scale to the size of Scorp's body, the helmet would look fine. The eyes should be where the forehead currently is and the nose and mouth should be positioned higher up and be bigger. It would be an easy mod for Takara as well, they'd only have to change Zarak's backplate, rather than redesign a totally new head.

I've never seen one but didn't Takara give Encore Omega Supreme a face? If they've done that, I can't see why they couldn't modify Zarak.

Reading this back, I'm not sure if I've explained this idea clearly! Maybe I should draw a picture?
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