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Originally Posted by Sunrunner View Post
If they gave him features that were in scale to the size of Scorp's body, the helmet would look fine. The eyes should be where the forehead currently is and the nose and mouth should be positioned higher up and be bigger.
I totally agree. Why Scorponok's features are squished down in the bottom half of Zarak I'll never know.

I'm actually about to attempt to make a new, more comic-y face for my old Scorpy. I've acquired a KO Toraizer, and while the robot mode is not at all Zarak-like, I think the features of the head mode are not too bad to use as a starting point. I plan to paint the head dark grey to match the helmet, with a silver face & red visor. /thread_derail

I'm pleased Fort Max is being reissued for those that really want one. He's just too big, brick-like and expensive for me though. Plus the character has always struck me as dull. An Encore Trypticon would be a must buy though...
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