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Michael Bay has continued to stoke the fires by saying on Entertainment Tonight that:

"What I can say is that it's going to pick up where the other three left off," said Bay of the film, which will predominantly feature new actors from its predecessors. "It's going to feel very different. It's going to definitely open the franchise up for many more to come, and it's going to have a freshness to it."

So, same director, some of the same actors, continuation of characters and story line yet somehow it will be fresh. We'll see.

Here's the ET article:

Credit to TFormers for the find.

Originally Posted by Summerhayes
Oh, I know he said he wouldn't a while back, but I thought he'd agreed to do it the same time the date was announced.
My impression was that he said he wasn't doing it after the third then changed his mind when the fourth was officially announced (something along those lines anyway.) Posturing for more money, perhaps?
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