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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I dunno, the films are kinda breaking new ground by giving the majority of human characters names that aren't ridiculously stupid.
I don't know, it's an easy sop to the fans who care about that sort of thing and doesn't have any impact whatsoever on anything else. Carly being the name of the female lead in the last one probably made some people very happy and she'd have been the same bloody awful character no matter what name they used so it's not as if it made much impact.

Buster's not that odd a name is it? Am I not cool and down with the kids anymore?

"Hi, I'm Hunter O'Nion - like the vegetable but with a random apostrophy because that way it's a totally convincing surname like all those crazy Irish ones. You see that cloud in the distance? That's your willing suspension of disbelief."
I think the problem with Hunter was, in theory him having a slightly odd surname that likely led to him being bullied for years at school and was the beginning of him being something of an outsider is fine and dandy. Where it falls apart is its in a comic where the other recurring male is called Jimmy Pink. If everyone has silly names it just doesn't work.

Plus I think it was Spengs who pointed out the way he introduced himself was really stupid, saying his name and then explaining how to pronounce it. So he either said it wrong the first time, or knows he's being presented in a printed medium without sound. There'd certainly be less clumsy ways to have done that (I'm Hunter O'Nion" "Ohnnyon*? That's unusual, how'd you spell that" *Character name rant*. I said less clumsy, not Shakespeare).

You've lost me on the Cybertron Metroplex and MTMTE RED ALERT things.

*Or whatever the official pronunciation was.

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