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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
Oh, it's real? Wow, must be an absolutely perfect choice for the name of a fictional quasi-everyman character. Hitler's surname is real, it doesn't mean you slap it on a fictional character (in most circumstances, obviously, cf. Bottom) because it'll jerk the reader out of the universe. Same goes for Itchyanus or myriad other less incendiary examples. It's Cybertron Metroplex shit all over again. Because I'm guessing you know or know of hundreds of people with the name and didn't just Google that to check, right?

If you can't suspend your disbelief while reading/watching Transformers enough to accept "giant, transforming alien robots" as part of the universe you're indulging in then I feel quite sorry for you and would probably advise that it'll be the better for you if you find something else - Doctors or Jeremy Kyle or something. If you follow that line of logic through to its' natural end why bother with anything because, y'know, giant, transforming alien robots don't exist so what's the point in even writing comics, films and episodes about them?

It's needless to jerk readers out of said universe by throwing obvious spanners like O'Nion, Brasnya, Carbombya, MTMTE RED ALERT etc. in their faces.
Oh Calm down. I just thought I would make a funny joke at your expense. Dont get those knickers in a twist. Of course I can accept the concept of transformers just as I can overlook a bad name gag for a character. Hunter O'nion IS a stupid name and was probably picked just for a gag but it doesn't "jerk" (seriously?) a reader out of a plot. Its a minor irritant.

And whats wrong with Red Alert as a name? Or am I missing something there?

Anyway back to the movies and I guess Hugo wont be back as Megatron / Galvatron

Cant say anyone would be suprised to hear that he phoned it in.

And good old Shia looks unlikely to appear even as a cameo. He seems to indicate that the studio had as much input into Transformers as Disney into Avengers (I'm reading between the lines on this one)

Cant say i'm saddened by his departure from the studio system.
I'm not going to disagree with him over both Indy 4 and TF 3 being crap (his words, not mine) but I think its a bit shit to take the big pay cheque from a studio and then shit on it during promotion.
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