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MTMTE RED ALERT and, IIRC, some random numbers were in a couple of Dreamwave comics as 'tech garbage' on read-outs and character POV shots - as, IIRC, was the Japanese TF logo and Jazz having a 'J NAME' of 'Meister' - needless little easter eggs that drag you out of the fiction by saying "Hey, look, TF media with in-jokes!" because there's no way any of that stuff has a reasonable in-fiction explanation. Obviously it's not a direct parallel to the O'Nion thing, more an example of something the writer/artist thought was funny and/or cool that just doesn't work well.

Cybertron Metroplex turned into a complete abomination which was modelled on a real mining rig; that state of affairs was constantly wheeled out by Hasbro apologists to justify it being a lousy-looking piece of shit. Comes back to the same "just because it's based on something real doesn't mean it's beyond reproach" thing.

I don't think that smattering of 'characterisation' really justifies O'Nion having a silly name myself; there are plenty of other ways to show that sort of thing and I don't think his surname being Jones, McDonald, Harris or, well, just about anything else would have affected the story. If anything it's lazy shorthand from the writer in my book as bad as calling someone John Everyman or Lance Uppercut. Have him bullied for being a cybernerd or whatever instead.

With Carly in DotM I think it was a case of there being a new female and there's an extant female character with a decent name so, yeh, why not? If the girls had all had bizarre and/or outdated names to the equivalent of Spike and Rad she probably wouldn't have been named after an extant character. But the girls do seem to have got off more lightly, so yeh, I can see the new girl being called something like Alexis or Marissa
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