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Isnt the point of an easter egg in a comic that its a hidden nod to the fans that notice it? I'm not going to argue that they all work (Heart of Darkness Galvatron swirl being particularly awful) but in most cases you either notice it as a quick gag for those in the know or it passes you by completely (for example I had no idea Jhiaxus was a play on Gee-Axe-us aimed at his bosses by Simon)

Anyway, if thats what takes you out a plot I think you may need to take things a little less seriously.

Thing is it's not hidden - I read all the text in comic frames, that simple. Not entirely sure if there's a better way of doing it - imagine the details you'd miss in, say, Watchmen if you didn't. Something like Transformers offers ample scope for fun easter eggs - the Trainbots in a crowd scene and statues of Japanese G1 leaders both being good ones from Dreamwave because none of those characters are anything to do with anything else in the continuity and you need extras for crowd scenes and subjects for statues. But text? That involves the name of a character who's, like, in the comics at the time? When genuinely random text would do the job just as well? It comes back to the same thing as O'Nion - there's no need for the distraction, so why do it?

Easter eggs are all well and good if they don't disrupt the story. That one did.
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