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Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
If you're not happy with the project - walk and leave the money behind.
That's the thing, though, isn't it? At the end of the day one way or another Megan Fox got out of TF3 so it wasn't impossible for Shia - it might have hurt his wallet or his rep with the studios but you've got to ask yourself what's more important.

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
I dont think the detail level in watchmen (which is centered on the watchman world) is the same as an easter egg in a long running comic though. (And while you would miss a lot in watchman if you didnt read everything I think you'd still be able to follow the plot.)

Of course if your arguing that the writer and artist should be more creative and fill it with stuff that builds the actual world their story is set in, then I kinda see your point, but it still would never take me out of the story in anyway.
I do think it's something entirely possible; LSotW comes close to managing it. I think if you're going to put details in they should make sense. Squadron X are a great example of a good easter egg, for example - they could be random new characters without affecting the plot. However, making them very obscure extant characters adds "Squee!!" factor for those who recognise them (and a tiny tiny bit of depth as we 'know' Fang, Macabre etc. are dicks) but doesn't cause any confusion because most of them haven't been seen since 1986 in a totally different continuity.

Art references tend to work better because there's a lot more scope for making them non-intrusive. Seizan in a crowd is just a yellow generic to anyone who doesn't know who Seizan is. Putting the name of a current character on a read-out when there's no logical way it could actually have anything to do with him is a lot more intrusive, IMO. Same with the "J Name" thing - what can that mean on an Earth scanner? Nothing apart from "Hey, in the Japanese version of the toyline Jazz was called Meister"
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