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I did think the Weaving thing was common knowledge since the first one. I'm not really going to miss him either way, though - he did a good job but nothing on the level of Cullen. And with any luck it'll secure a Megatron-less film - he's been killed twice now and spent most of the last two getting beaten up. ROTF and DOTM have proven that 'name' Decepticons are pretty irrelevant to most of the audience; we could well see Galvatron, for example, but I don't think it'll necessarily follow that he's Megatron rebuilt or even much more than a hardcore Decepticon who has a cool name stuck on him.

Spengs getting a mention up-thread reminds me of something he said about the Japanese logo being 'hidden' in a couple of DW frames - that as he read Japanese (fluently?) it was the same thing as the word 'Transformers' just being randomly written on the wall for no reason. Dreamwave really pushed that sort of thing a bit too far quite often what with the rubsigns, the too-frequent TF:TM paraphrasing and so on. It was possibly more distracting as there wasn't much else in the comics, though.

Viewed in retrospect War & Peace especially seems very much an attempt to 'do' a Last Stand of the Wreckers for the entire first half of the G1 line; there's barely a page that isn't a reference to something, be it a toy assortment, a cartoon episode or whatever. It might have worked if there had been a plot. As it is it's like you're reading the thing with Mad Brick sitting next to you jogging your elbow and going "Eh? Eh? Eh?". He probably is doing that to someone somewhere right now, actually.
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