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So the lesson there is don't stop at the first draft. If only someone had told Mick.

The worst such "Easter Egg" that hasn't been mentioned yet is an Earth powerplant being called Allspark in the DW Armada comic. makes no sense as a terran name and really stands out as odd.

As for Shia... He might well be genuine and spend the rest of his life making low budget indie (as opposed to Indy) films now he's made enough money to never need to work again. And he could well have done all three films out of a sense of obligation to fulfil his contract (and Bay himself has been fairly negative about the second film so he arguably set the standard for everyone else involved that it's OK to do that).

But... it is a fairly common thing for actors afraid of typecasting to lay into their most famous/iconic roles in order to distance themselves from them. And that Lawless he's just done looked like a fairly big film to me.

Then again, when I saw Everything Or Nothing last week the amount of bile from Sean Connery about Bond in interviews even before he left the role is fairly staggering, Shia's just an amateur compared to that.

With Megatron, I'd be amazed if he isn't in the film in some form considering its going to be a big anniversary film. If there's a short flashback to the war on Cybertron involving the character would Weaving really object that much to half an hours work at a good going rate of pay? And indeed, how many people would actually notice if they recast?
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