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So the lesson there is don't stop at the first draft. If only someone had told Mick.
According to himself, Isaac Asimov never wrote a second draft of anything. But then he had being Isaac Asimov going for him.

The worst such "Easter Egg" that hasn't been mentioned yet is an Earth powerplant being called Allspark in the DW Armada comic. makes no sense as a terran name and really stands out as odd.
Even E.J. Su wasn't above slipping stuff like 'Binaltech' on calenders and the like in Escalation. That's worth a stout whack with the broom, E.J.

Then again, when I saw Everything Or Nothing last week the amount of bile from Sean Connery about Bond in interviews even before he left the role is fairly staggering, Shia's just an amateur compared to that.
I'm probably never going to see it - what did he come out with?

And indeed, how many people would actually notice if they recast?
I've have thought he'd still be locked into a contract but it seems that everybody is back to square one on that front. I wonder how much the suits estimate Weaving's name to be worth, especially with The Hobbit looming...
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